Domains Experties - Education and E – learning


The growth of technology enhanced each and every industry sector one can imagine. Education industry is one of them. Internet has touched and changed lives of millions of educators and students in every nook and corner.

Techmodi grasped the need of the hour in education and learning industry. Techmodi teamed up with experts from learning industry and their software experts to produce the most benefitted tools for every student and teacher. Some of the enhancements achieved by Techmodi are –

  • Management software for schools and colleges (ERP)
  • Online admission and classes
  • Distance learning
  • Online exchange of books
  • Provide tutors as per student's project or study requirements
  • Connecting faculty experts around the world

Techmodi has broken the circle of traditional learning. It has joined hands with latest technology to give the finest tools for education industry.

Some of our creations for education industry –

  • Edugist
  • American Institute of Law
  • Tutorangel
  • Sklobal
  • Scholastex
  • teachlister