Domains Experties - Fund raising and Charity


Crowd funding basically means to raise money to fund an innovative project or any venture. It occurs for any variety of purposes like artists seeking support from fans, to political campaigns, to funding a startup company, movie or small business. However inviting the concept of crowd funding sounds, it doesn't receive the platform it requires.

Techmodi figured that ventures for crowd funding should be communicated to potential fund donors. The complete system for fund raising should be made more reliable and transparent. Techmodi developed user friendly and amplified the concepts of crowd funding through –

  • Project management
  • Connect fund raisers around the world
  • Online payments of funds
  • Funds distribution management

Techmodi has contributed to nonprofit organizations, new ideas and funds to many projects by creating such projects. Techmodi has implemented successful running portals supporting millions of projects.

Some of our own creations in crowd funding –

  • fundawesome
  • pickmyclass
  • fundingjar
  • befilanthropik
  • befilanthropik